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Supporting Charities

Lending a Helping Hand, Supporting Charities Through Our DCM Charity Work

At present DCM Surfaces support three charities, Born Free, WildAid and The International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

Our company vehicles have been branded with vibrant imagery of endangered and critically endangered animal species and we do our bit to support and lend a helping hand to charities desperate for help.

In today’s society there is a need for charities who receive little or no funding elsewhere to be supported otherwise they cannot continue the vital work they carry out day in day out without second thought. Many people working for charities do so voluntarily and without this dedication the charity would be no more. On top of the incredible work that the volunteers carry out and the time they dedicate charities still need financial support for other aspects of their work.

As a business we feel that we should be supporting any charity in need, unfortunately however, we cannot help them all.

We chose to support three charities and you can find out more details of these below.

If you would like to find out more about our charity work or to discuss a potential charity partnership with DCM Surfaces then please get in touch.

Use our contact us page and send us your details across with the subject line “Charity Partnership".

The Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation

A international wildlife charity which was founded in 1984 by famous actors Bill Travers (MBE) and Virginia McKenna (OBE) their aim is to save lives, stop suffering and protect many species currently in the wild. What is so amazing about The Born Free Foundation is they never disregard the individual, their emergency teams often battle to rescue vulnerable animals from appalling lives of misery. Once described... read more »

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation

This particular charity works across much of Africa and strongly believes in wildlife conservation through direct action, they try and find out about any poaching operations in order to prevent these and catch the criminals behind them. The International Anti-Poaching Foundation also trains rangers so they are fully prepared and can deal with poachers directly. The charity holds a wildlife crime database and various information... read more »

WildAid Conservation

With a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade WildAid aims to reduce public demand by raising awareness through campaigns and ensuring that comprehensive marine protection is provided. At present the illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth around £6.3 Billion (GBP) per year and as a result many wildlife populations around the world have been drastically reduced. Unfortunately there still is a demand for... read more »