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Artificial Grass - Weird & Wonderful Applications

Artificial Grass - Weird & Wonderful Applications

A low maintenance, cost effective and eco-friendly product, more and more people are choosing to install artificial grass over real grass. This trend has taken off all over the world and it now isn’t uncommon to see artificial turf installation in your neighbours back garden or even the garden across the road.

You may however be extremely surprised by some of the other areas which artificial grass is now popping up!

Rooftop Garden

Some people unfortunately do not have the added luxury of owning their own garden but sometimes they have a roof terrace and therefore can create their own rooftop retreat complete with artificial grass installation. We have seen some truly amazing rooftop gardens! When accessorised with potted plants and other garden decorations they can give you the garden you never had!

Balcony & Terraces

We regularly install our artificial grass onto balconies and terraces for many customers who live in flats or apartments. They crave the best of both worlds and so bringing a touch of greenery to their home through their balcony or terrace fulfils this craving.

Private Putting Areas & Crazy Golf

We have installed our artificial grass for many golfers who want their own putting green or crazy golf game for the kids! Many amateur golfers who just want some extra practice away from prying eyes and with artificial grass installation you can get the private putting green you need! Alternatively have some fun with the kids and create your own crazy golf game!

Indoor Gym

As more people commence the battle to get fit they invest in home gyms and indoor gyms. We recently installed artificial grass into a home gym and this creates the feeling of an outdoor workout from the comfort of your own home.

Children’s Bedrooms

Parents will do anything for their children and in a bid to give them what something they will love more and more are opting for themed rooms. Recently we installed artificial grass onto the wall of child’s bedroom who was football crazy! It featured artificial grass with football pitch markings! Other themes could be Jungle, Golf and even an in the garden theme. Let your child’s imagination run wild with artificial grass installation in their bedroom or playroom!


Do you have any crazy applications of artificial grass? Why not send us in some pictures and we will share them on our news feed.