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Celebrating 10 years at DCM Surfaces: Mariusz Kusmierek

Celebrating 10 years at DCM Surfaces: Mariusz Kusmierek

This week Operations Manager Mariusz Kusmierek celebrates 10 years at DCM Surfaces.

Mariusz started at DCM as an on-site installer in 2007, he excelled as a wet pour installer showing a great eye for detail and design. After just one year Mariusz became a Team Leader over-seeing some of DCM Surfaces most memorable installations.

With his wealth of experience and revered knowledge of surfacing products Mariusz now leads the Operations department coordinating up to 12 teams of installers working nationwide.

Reflecting on what he likes most about his role at DCM Mariusz said ‘I like being able to use all the experience and knowledge I gained over the years of installations on sites and now sit in a nice, warm office!’. Adding: ‘What I like most about DCM Surfaces is the constant drive for quality and improvement’

The surfacing industry has certainly changed over the last decade, ‘We’ve got some new materials, new tools, new installers but it’s still all about the good fun’ he pointed out.

Looking to the future of operations Mariusz suggested there may be more new materials, more new tools and ‘even better installers!’  

On Mariusz’s time at DCM, Director Beverley Holden said: ‘Congratulations to Mariusz on his 10 year Anniversary with DCM Surfaces! From Mixer man in 2007 to running all our teams and operations by 2017 -  a testament to his dedication, determination and hard work!! Well done Mariusz – here’s to the next 10!’  


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