Celebrity Footballer John Terry Opts for Artificial Grass
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Celebrity Footballer John Terry Opts for Artificial Grass

Celebrity Footballer John Terry Opts for Artificial Grass

It has emerged in the news that well-known footballer; John Terry has spent in the region of around £150,000 ripping up his natural lawn at his £4.3million pound mansion and has replaced it with artificial grass surfacing.

This isn’t the first time however that he has replaced a natural lawn with artificial grass. John Terry installed fake grass complete with a fishing lake at his previous home, now he’s bought the former home of golfer Colin Montgomerie he’s gone and done it again.

Lawn replacement systems are increasing in popularity but they are not just for celebrities! DCM Surfaces replace many lawns throughout the UK at a number of residential properties, replacing this with artificial grass surfacing. The quality of artificial grass has improved significantly when compared with the quality in the past!

The artificial grass on the market today is more realistic and in most cases its only when you touch the grass do you actually realise it is artificial.

A source close to John Terry has stated that he opted for artificial grass so that he does not have to mow the lawn! – we would have thought if he really did not want to mow the lawn he could have simply hired someone to do it for him but it seems it wasn’t the only reason.

Previously the Chelsea star owned a nine-bedroomed property in Oxshott, Surrey and he made similar changes there, which saw him also having artificial grass installed instead of natural grass.

John Terry, along with his wife Toni and twin children, moved into Montgomerie's old home, which is less than a mile away from his former sprawling mansion, late last year. The lawn replacement system is just one of number of changes Terry has made to his new home after moving in last year.

The artificial grass is similar to that used on all-weather football pitches around the country.

His agent stated, 'John's revamped the whole place. It's not just the AstroTurf.'

He also had a 33 x 40ft indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam room built with his former home. The new property is said to be considerably smaller, but still has seven bedrooms and is situated in a half-acre estate now complete with artificial grass surfacing.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have artificial lawn replacement systems installed, call and speak to a member of our expert team today and see what we can do for you. As mentioned already we have installed a number of artificial grass surfaces in a number of residential properties throughout the UK.