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DCM Surfaces Complete Chester Half Marathon

DCM Surfaces Complete Chester Half Marathon

First of all, it has to be said that the Chester Half Marathon truly was a great day out! (Some of our team who ran might disagree!) However, the atmosphere was amazing and the runners truly inspirational and the relief on their faces when crossing the finish line was very clear.

Given that our DCM Team had never ever taken on a challenge like this before, most of them had never ran before and they trained within a 3 month timescale they all were truly outstanding on the day and we couldn’t be more proud!

Runners and supporters all joined together for the 34th Chester Half Marathon, a hugely popular event the race itself was a sell-out well in advance of Sunday (May 17) morning’s 9am start at Chester Racecourse.

Luckily we had booked our team’s place early so not to miss out!

The night before, our team was feeling nervous but had the required preparation in place in order to give them the best chance!

Mariusz Kusmierek - DCM Surfaces - Chester Half Marathon

On the morning of the race, our team were excited if not slightly nervous about their upcoming running challenge. On arrival at the event all the team met up so they could start the race as a team - a strong team - TEAM DCM SURFACES!

Here is Marchin Salwa, normally one of our Team Leaders & Installer at DCM Surfaces but now he had a new role of Half Marathon Runner!

Marchin Salwa - DCM Surfaces Chester Half Marathon

In total, 7000 runners took part in the actual race, starting at 9am; Town Crier David Mitchell heralded the beginning of the 13.2 mile course which finished just outside Chester Town Hall.

The weather was perfect for runners and the course record was broken by Vincent Boyt in 62 mins and 21 seconds – simply amazing!

Our team were all looking just to cross the finish line; however, they did so with amazing times for what was their first half marathon!

  • Tadas Bubnis – 01:51:28
  • Irmatas Sengovas - 02:01:34
  • Modestas Kaupas – 02:19:42
  • Beverley Holden – 02:22:22
  • Ashley Holden – 02:22:22
  • Mariusz Kusmierek – 02:25:35
  • Marchin Salwa - 02:26:10
  • Andrea Fielder – 02:40:31

Chris Hulse, from Chester-based race organisers Active Leisure Events, said:

“It’s been a fantastic event, both in terms of the race itself and the amazing support the runners received from many thousands of supporters up and down the course.”

“The Chester Half Marathon puts this city on display to people from all over the country and there was a wonderful atmosphere all over the route and across the city centre.

“We’re always pleased when everything goes as well as it did today. We put a lot of hard work in to organising this event with the support of our partners, sponsors and volunteers, so we owe them a huge thank you for helping us to make it a success.

“The number of participants this year shows how popular the race has become – we hope every runner had a great time and we hope to see them back for more next year or making the step up to the MBNA Chester Marathon or MBNA Metric Marathon this October!”

Early bird entries for the 2016 Chester Half Marathon opened on Monday, May 18 – anyone from Team DCM Surfaces up for it next year?

Here is Modestas Kaupas, at the finish line having completed the Chester Half Marathon, complete with his vest and medal!

Modestas Kapas - Chester Half Marathon - DCM Surfaces