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DCM Surfaces Create Bespoke Sample Boxes

DCM Surfaces Create Bespoke Sample Boxes

After a lot of hard work, design decisions and planning we are pleased to present to you our very own bespoke Sample Box which features samples of our Wet Pour, Structured Spray, Base, Resin Bound Gravel, Resin Bonded Gravel, Rubber Mulch and our Artificial Grass.

Prior to the launch of our sample box customers were sent any required samples in the post which they could then pass on or discuss with their clients. As we have a lot of loyal customers who re-sell our products such as architects, contractors, builders and surveyors we thought it would be better for them to have samples, presented professionally to hand at all times.

Due to the type of industry that we are in and the need for the boxes to be transported around it became apparent that not only would they have to be pretty robust but careful consideration would need to be taken in regards to the overall weight of the finished product.  A lot of various aspects were discussed and the main issue was the material the boxes should be made from. Then we had to carefully plan the layers inside the box, the measurements and how it was all going to work out.

We worked alongside well known, reputable company, Scott Dawson Advertising based in Burnley who assisted us through each stage of the process from the initial ideas, design and right the way through to manufacture and printing. Whilst we had to make a few changes due to costing aspects which we couldn’t justify, we are extremely pleased with the end result and most recently we took one of our sample boxes to an exhibition and it caused quite a buzz!

One visitor at the show described it as a “Treasure Trove of Surfaces” and we quite like this description of something we have worked very hard on to create!

As mentioned previously the box will feature a number of our surfacing products however, the inside of the box will be made up from three separate layers.

Layer One

The first layer will feature all of our wet pour surfacing, the 50/50 mixes, three colour mixes, an example of the base and in addition to this it will also feature our structured spray.

Layer Two

The second layer will feature our resin bound gravel samples and also our resin bonded gravel samples, these are ideal for driveways, car parks and as a decorative surface. It gives a very natural effect whilst remaining a fixed surface.

Layer Three

The final layer will feature artificial grass samples along with two of our rubber mulch samples. Artificial grass is now becoming more and more popular within homes, schools, nurseries and even for businesses who want to keep up a smart appearance all year round.

DCM Surfaces will still be sending out some samples to customers within the post however, if you are a company or individual who regularly places orders with ourselves or whom regularly requests samples from us and then places an order let us know and we will arrange one of our sample boxes to be sent to you so you always have the samples you need readily available for the customers you serve.

For more information then please speak to a member of our friendly team, call us on 0845 650 0066 or email info@dcmsurfaces.com