DCM Surfaces Put their Surfaces to the Test!
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DCM Surfaces Put their Surfaces to the Test!

DCM Surfaces Put their Surfaces to the Test!

We recently reported to our customers in relation to concerns which had been raised regarding slip resistance on a number of surfaces inclusive of our wet pour safety surfacing. Many customers were choosing alternative products because they felt that slip resistance was not being properly addressed by companies like ourselves in the industry.

DCM Surfaces have taken this issue very seriously; we did agree that not enough investigation was being carried into ways in which people can still benefit from safety surface installation whilst improving the overall product quality in order to ensure that slip resistance guidelines were met which was why we started putting our surfacing through more strenuous testing procedures. After having been in contact with a leading slip resistance expert whom has tested slip resistance of a whole range of surfaces across the whole of the UK as well as internationally throughout the world we have finally managed to test our surfacing with him and the results are simply outstanding.

“DCM has proven to me to be a company whose ethos is around safety, their speciality is impact flooring and slip resistance. DCM has shown the initiative to go further than all other companies that I have come across.”Terry Roberts, Owner, Safety Direct Global Inc.

Terry is owner of Safety Direct Global Inc. He is a slip resistance expert and has been a Forensic Engineer and an expert witness for the courts for 25 years. A member of the World Safety Organisation, DCM Surfaces couldn’t have found someone more qualified to test our surfacing to the extreme!

Local Authorities, Educational Authorities, Play Groups and others, all know and worry that from time to time children will accidentally fall from even the safest play equipment when playing.

The purpose of impact surfacing is to cushion the impact of a child's accidental fall and reduce the severity of an injury. To meet the requirements of BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177, impact absorbing surfaces must be installed beneath all equipment with a free height of fall greater than 0.6m. As a general rule, if the existing surface is tarmac or other hard surface impact surfacing should be installed beneath all play equipment regardless of the free height of fall.

There are a wide range of impact surfacing, including wet pour, tiles, synthetic grass and other types The appropriate surfacing for your requirements will depend on several factors; type of equipment, durability, aesthetic appearance, maintenance, local ground and climatic conditions and cost.

All surfacing offered and installed by DCM have been independently tested to ensure full compliance with BS EN 1177, BS 7188 and BS: 7976.  With the additional test of BS: 7976 for slip resistance, all our installations of impact surfacing meet the requirements of slip resistance to LOW RISK.

DCM’s moral standard in meeting impact and slip resistance to provide additional safety also includes a regular monitoring system to ensure compliance throughout our warranty period. This acts as an early warning system so that steps if and when required always keeps clients fully compliant and reduces any risk of litigation.

If you are looking for wet pour safety surfacing, we have just the product! Absorb-a-Fall from DCM Surfaces offers a safe play surface without the need to worry about slip resistance. Call and speak to a member of our friendly team today for more information.