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Grass Mats Provide the Natural Effect!

Grass Mats Provide the Natural Effect!

Many clients often overlook the usage of grass mats however, they serve as a fantastic choice for outdoor usage in playgrounds, parks, schools, nurseries and even as walkways. Not only are they environmentally friendly but they also protect against trips, falls and potential injury.

What is a Grass Mat?

Grass mats are basically an all rubber mat which features holes all over its surface; its these holes which are perfectly placed thus allow for grass to grow through creating a natural effect. They further allow for easy drainage of water through the surface which helps to create a clean and mud free area.

Manufactured from recycled rubber grass mats offer a great choice for outdoor usage – such as in playgrounds, parks, schools, etc – and also give an environmentally friendly way to protect against falls and injuries. They are ideal for walkways, and our interlocking grass mats are also kind to the living grass which comes up between their holes.

A grass mat is resistant to extreme temperatures, extremely durable and relatively easy to install and fix should the need arise for a repair as a result of accidental damage or vandalism.

Why Use Grass Mats?

Although there are a multitude of reasons as to why you should use grass mats within your particular project there are a few which for us stand out for our clients:

  • Easy to Install, Maintain and Repair if Necessary
  • Natural Effect Created
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Anti-Slip Surface & Safety Surface
  • Promotes the Natural Growth of Grass

If you have a project that you think grass mats would be an ideal application then speak to our team directly today. We can advise you further and ensure you achieve the perfect end result according to your specific requirements.

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