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Maintaining safety surfaces through the winter!

Maintaining safety surfaces through the winter!

If you believe the weather forecasters we’re in for a long winter, and for some hopefully lots of snow and ice!

At DCM Surfaces we care about our surfaces long after we have installed them and that means giving advice on upkeep during all seasons particularly during inclement weather conditions.


Sledges, sleighs and snowmen!

It might be time to dust off the toboggan, make sure its ready for the slopes and get your gloves prepared for building a snowman! The snow can certainly entertain little ones for hours, but when its getting icy underfoot you don’t want to be worrying about slips and trips!

DCM’s Absorb-a-Fall™ wet pour surface excels in icy conditions. We only use premium raw materials which means during icy conditions the surface maintains it integrity and safety measures.

Of course DCM would always recommend caution using playground equipment during icy, or wintery conditions but we’re confident that where Absorb-a-Fall wet pour has been installed by us it will be safe underfoot.


Grits and salts 

Getting prepared for winter is essential and there are lots of products widely available to cater for making walking and travelling easier. Many DIY stockists will have ready mixed salts and grits ideal for distributing on paths, driveways, gardens and walkways that can help prevent slips and falls.

Our advice when using grits and salts is to always follow the instructions on the product you intend to use. But it is equally important to regularly brush away excess materials and replace the grits routinely. You should only use small amounts of slats at a time and we highly recommend testing in one small area before spreading.


For more advice

If you have a DCM Surface installed, or indeed any kind of surface and you would like some further advice on maintenance during the winter give us a call on 01772 440340, we’d be happy to help!


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