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Nationwide bound gravel surfacing


Resin Bound Gravel is an excellent choice when it comes to decorative gravel surfacing with a natural appearance and an additional 'wow factor'

Bound gravel combines aggregate (gravel) and resin which is then trowelled and levelled onto a suitable sub base such a asphalt. The finished surface is porous, or water permeable, meaning water drains through the layers reducing standing water or drainage concerns making resin bound gravel ideal for driveways, courtyards, commercial premises, pathways and car parks.

The use of resin to bind the gravel together means the surface is not prone to migration so does not require sweeping or resettling to maintain it appearance. Also resin bound gravel doesn't displace under vehicle tyres and is therefor suitable for light / moderate traffic.

Bound gravel is a popular choice with architects and developers due to the range of colours and colour matching options available. Mixing coloured stone together can either create contrast with existing features or be used to blend with specific masonry or buildings as desired by the client.


Bound by the River

The City of London provides many stunning backdrops and skylines. DCM surfaces are lucky to carry out many of our installations; wet pour playgrounds, rubber mulch, and decorative gravel surfacing in the City.

One recent project specified DCM Surfaces Resin Bound Gravel for a series of paths and walkways in the grounds of a school over looking the River Thames. 


Our range of gravel provided the architects with the exact colour choice required, contrasting the surface with an area of wet pour rubber and elaborate street furniture. The additional benefit of the porous surface also gace the confidence that water could drain through the surface and therefore can be used all year round.