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New arrivals...

New arrivals...

New Arrivals...

DCM Surfaces today welcomes two new vans to it’s growing fleet of vehicles.

As part of the company’s commitment to wildlife conservation our latest arrivals have been designed to raise awareness of the endangered Giant Panda species.

The two new Giant Panda vehicles join our growing fleet which already highlight conservation projects for; Tiger species, Lion species, Gorillas, Whales, Elephants and other endangered or critically endangered species.

As a nationwide company, our vehicles are regularly spotted as they travel throughout the UK. Raising awareness of the work undertaken by conservation charities is as important to us as our branding.

DCM Surfaces Charity Partners

DCM Surfaces has a committed partnership with three charities; The International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Wild Aid, and The Born Free Foundation.  DCM offers support to these charities assisting with funding, sharing knowledge and raising awareness.

Our latest selection, The Giant Panda, is the rarest member of the bear family. Giant Pandas live mainly in bamboo forest high in the mountains of western China. Current estimates suggest there are as little as 1,800 living in the wild. Adult Pandas can grow to more than four feet, weighing 220-300 pounds, and a new born baby panda can be as small as a stick of butter! A Giant Panda can eat between 26 and 84 pounds of bamboo every day!

Sadly, hunting remains an ever-present threat. Poaching the animals for their fur has declined due to strict laws and greater public awareness of the panda’s protected status. But hunters seeking other animals in panda habitats continue to kill pandas accidentally.

Pandas play a crucial role in the forests they inhabit - by roaming they spread seeds helping the growth and spread of the forest, as well as helping to boost tourist markets for safe organised ecotourism.

Conservation charities are continuously working towards increasing the population of The Giant Panda, increasing the areas they live, creating link corridors connecting isolated Pandas and patrolling against poaching, logging and encroachment.

More information

Should you wish to find out any more information about The Giant Panda visit the WWF site; http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/giant-panda

For more information on the charities supported by DCM Surfaces;

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation http://www.iapf.org/en/

Wild Aid http://wildaid.org

The Born Free Foundation http://www.bornfree.org.uk


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