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Wet pour themes - Numbers and Letters

DCM Surfaces Wet Pour is available in a variety of colours ranging from reds, blues, green, purple, yellow, black and mixed colours. It can be laid as a single colour or can be designed to create a themed play area.

Popular themes include; aquatic and beaches – using blue and yellow to create a beach effect. Additional graphics in the shape of dolphins, whales, octopus an other sea creatures are very popular on this theme. Other themes include space & stars and abstract shapes.

A popular theme for schools and nurseries is lettering and numbers. Research has found that using lettering and numbers in a playground scenario boost learning amongst children during play.

There are many possibilities for lettering and number themes. Common installations include number hopscotch and other numbered play games moving from one number to another.

Letters can be used in a similar way and is very effective, visually and educationally, in the form of an alphabet.

Below is a recent installation at primary school based in Wiltshire. The school were keen to transform a long narrow play area into an outdoor educational zone.

Using a base of green wet pour graphics were incorporated using brown rubber wet pour. The school chose to have letters representing the alphabet from A – Z as well as numbers from 1 - 20. The numbers and letters were designed in a weaving pattern covering the length of the play area in between wooden support structures. The colours used complemented the artificial grass and other wooden features within the playground.

letters and numbers letters and numbers2 letters and numbers3 letters and numbers4


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