Playground Safety Top Tips
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Playground Safety Top Tips

Playground Safety Top Tips

Playground safety tips are vital when visiting a playground with your children as it can be a dangerous place where kids are likely to trip, slip or fall if not properly supervised.

The most common type of playground injury and one which accounts for more than 75% of all playground-related injuries is when children fall over. Around 45% of playground-related injuries occur because of lack of supervision by parents, guardians or carers.

DCM Surfaces present our top tips for playground safety!


If you are going to take your children to the park then make sure you properly supervise them; this should be pretty easy to do as most children will beg for you to watch them jump, swing and climb on the play equipment. Not to mention they will want you to push them on the swings and catch them at the bottom of the slides!

With appropriate supervision the playground can be an enjoyable place where children can grow, learn and experience new things whilst making the occasional friend along the way!

Safety Surfacing

Carefully select which playgrounds you take your children to, playgrounds with shock-absorbing safety surfacing will minimise any injuries which could result if a child slips, trips or falls. Wet pour safety surfacing is highly recommended but if this isn’t available then other rubber matting, artificial grass and rubber mulch are a safer alternative to other hard surfaces.


Make sure that your children are appropriately dressed for when they visit the playground. Make sure that you remove any drawstrings, necklaces, scarves or loose clothing which could get caught on equipment and pose a strangulation hazard.


When on the playground your children should be taught not to push, shove or crowd on pieces of equipment as each of these can be very dangerous within their own right.

Children who are on a playground want to play, if another child gets in their way or takes too long say climbing the steps to the slide sometimes children can lose their patience and push through. All of this behaviour must not happen as a tiny push can result in serious injury; make sure your child knows this is unacceptable behaviour.

Report Any Issues

Check the playground where your children are to play, ensure that none of the equipment is broken or that there are no hazards.

If play equipment is broken you should refrain from letting your children play on this and report it to the appropriate personnel to ensure no one else is injured as a result.

Age Appropriate Play Equipment

It goes without saying that many playgrounds are build according to the ages of the children. More often than not there is a main playground and then a smaller one for use by younger children. Younger children play differently than older children and you should look to seek a playground based on the age of your child.

For younger babies who are crawling or learning to walk ensure the play area has a smooth safety surface in place and that this has been inspected and maintained by a qualified playground equipment specialist.

For more information about playground safety surfacing then please do not hesitate to call our friendly team here at DCM Surfaces and we will be more than happy to suggest appropriate solutions to any problems you may have.