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Artificial Grass Installation Price

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Artificial Grass Installation Price Is One Worth Paying

Artificial grass installation price is a price worth paying when you consider the many advantages that artificial grass has over the real thing. Whether you are looking to lay a new football pitch, complete your landscaping or surface a play area, you can reap the benefits that installing artificial grass offers.

One of the main benefits of installing artificial grass is that it is extremely low maintenance. There is no need for constant watering, mowing or weeding to keep the lawn, greens or sports field looking their best. Artificial grass is also extremely durable. It will not turn to mud or slush when exposed to extensive use. This makes it ideal for football field design and play areas that experience heavy footfall. If you add its versatility into the mix, you have a product that you can have installed pretty much anywhere. This means that you can create the look you want, rather than having to work with where the grass will grow. You can create exciting borders, shaped lawns and keep the grass effect under play equipment where grass does not have a chance to grow. Advances in modern technology mean that artificial grass has come a long way from the original astro turf. It is now sustainable, non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. High quality artificial grass installed by professional surfacing contractors is hard to tell apart from the real thing. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about it being affected by the weather, or needing reseeding after extremely heavy use.

To get the benefit of artificial grass, you need experts who understand your requirements. This is exactly what you get with DCM Surfaces. Call us today on 01772 440340 for artificial grass installation price quotes for your projects. To learn more about our flooring options, visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/.