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Artificial Grass Solutions

Artificial Grass Solutions

Artificial Grass Solutions For Community Centres

Artificial grass solutions are available for numerous different situations, from football and other sports fields to schools, playgrounds and hospital gardens. Another place that could benefit from fake grass is a community centre. Read on to find out why it might be the solution you have been looking for.

Community centres are used by a wide range of people and for a variety of purposes. Where they have outdoor spaces, it is important that they conform to health and safety requirements, as well as being fit for their intended purposes. Artificial grass installed by professional surfacing contractors can make sure that both needs are met. Using artificial turf will ensure that the outdoor area of your community centre is free of trip hazards. It can be installed on all or just part of the ground to create a wonderful place to sit and enjoy, play or entertain. Artificial turf dries quickly after rain; and when properly installed, all water will drain away from the surface evenly and quickly. This means that it can be back in operation much quicker than real grass would in the same situation. It also has the added benefit of staying clean. This means that even if it is still wet when used, no mud or dirt is trodden back indoors. Installing artificial grass in your community centre garden also means that you are providing a surface that is impact absorbent all year around. This is not possible at all with concrete. Moreover, even real grass loses its absorbency during hot summers when the ground dried out, bakes and cracks.

Community centres that are looking to benefit from artificial grass solutions need to ensure that they hire experienced contractors to complete the work. This is exactly what you get with DCM Surfaces. All our contractors are CSCS card holders and are DBS checked for your peace of mind. Learn more about our team at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.