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Cost of Installing Artificial Grass

Cost of Installing Artificial Grass

Cost Of Installing Artificial Grass Weighed Against Its Benefits

Cost of installing artificial grass: when weighed against its benefits, installing synthetic grass is the most cost effective method of producing a lawn, sports field or children’s play area. While the upfront costs may seem significant, they must be weighed against the outlay for maintenance, which is greatly reduced over the longer term.

The main expense associated with artificial grass turf is its installation. To get the best possible finish, it is important to use skilled surfacing contractors to complete the work. While this increases the costs compared to attempting it yourself, it does ensure that the work meets the standards required for any installation completed in a public space. Once installed, there is very little else that synthetic grass turf needs. This is in contrast to real grass, either as seed or turf. With seed, there is always the chance that it will not grow in the first place. Even if it does, there is always the possibility that it will be patchy. Pre-cut turf solves this issue, but not many of the other maintenance problems associated with grass. Living grass needs to be watered, fed, weeded and mown regularly to keep it looking its best. It is also subject to changes in weather conditions, and as such can become waterlogged, muddy and unusable for long periods of time. After severe weather conditions, it may even need to be re-laid to solve the problem. None of these are problems you ever face after installing artificial grass. Playing fields and greens are usable all year around; landscaping keeps its colour and shape throughout the seasonal changes; and children and pets find it nearly impossible to damage.

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