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Installation of Artificial Grass

Installation of Artificial Grass

Installation Of Artificial Grass – What You Need To Know

Installation of artificial grass is best completed by a competent professional who has experience both of the ground that is involved and the type of project you want completed. However, it is still a good idea to know some of the things you can expect to happen as part of the fake grass installation process.

Synthetic surfacing such as artificial grass can be installed on almost any type of existing surface. However, some groundwork will need to be completed before the artificial turf is laid. This will include providing a flat surface for your lawn or sports field, and removing elements such as dead leaves that can affect drainage. If you are using artificial grass as part of a park or playground and you want to create hills or other features, then these too will need to be designed and shaped before the artificial turf is laid. Where the fake grass installation is taking place on soil, the ground will need to be compacted to ensure that it does not move once your surfacing contractor has completed the installation of the turf. If the drainage is poor in the area where you are considering installing artificial grass, then a layer of compacted stone may be required. This again will prevent movement in the ground or the synthetic turf when it is completed. It is worth remembering as well that part of the reason for hiring a professional contractor is their experience. Where you are able to hire the best surfacing contractors, they will work with you every step of the way, minimising the need for large changes at any point.

At DCM Surfaces, we take pride in the materials and services that we provide. Our installation of artificial grass is always carried out to the highest possible standard, and this includes any preparatory groundwork that needs to be completed. Learn more about our UK wide company and our services at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.