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Installation of Fake Grass

Installation of Fake Grass

Installation Of Fake Grass – Creating The Perfect Sports Surface

Installation of fake grass turf in sporting arenas can make a huge difference to the quality of the sport that is played and the regularity with which teams can compete in their chosen sports. There are a number of reasons why synthetic grass turf should be considered over living grass.

A wide range of sports from tennis to bowls require flat, well drained and properly maintained surfacing in order to be played properly. Where living grass turf is used, the ability of teams and individuals to be able to take part in their chosen sports can be highly reliant on weather conditions. During particularly hot or dry periods, grass can die off, leaving a hard, dry and dusty surfacing that is susceptible to cracking. This offers an uneven playing surface that lacks any impact absorbency. As well as making the sports harder to play, this also increases the risk of injury to the competitors. This is not a problem that is experienced after installing artificial grass turf. Once installed by surfacing contractors, the surface conditions remain consistent, regardless of the weather. Even after heavy rain, the porous nature of the synthetic surfacing means that it dries quickly and does not result in pooling water or muddy conditions. This means that football, hockey and tennis for example can be played more frequently. The hard wearing nature of synthetic grass turf also increases the lifespan of the pitch or green, meaning that maintenance costs are lower and that money that would be required for this can be better spent.

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