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Kids Playground Flooring

Kids Playground Flooring

Kids Playground Flooring – Wet Pour Versus Grass

Kids playground flooring needs to be attractive, safe and practical. For this reason, many kids’ play areas are grassed. It is preferred to concrete and gravel as it looks better and is a safer surface. But is it really the best option for areas where children play, or could wet pour be an even better surfacing option?

When newly laid, grass looks great. It adds colour to an outdoor space and improves the natural look of any play area. However, grass as a playground flooring is not without its problems. In very hot weather the grass can die off, leaving dusty, broken soil that is prone to cracking. As well as creating a very hard surface, this also risks becoming a trip hazard. Natural materials such as grass also attract animals. This presents health risks to playground users and especially to young children. These are problems that do not occur with wet pour that is installed by professional surfacing contractors. It is not affected by changes in temperature, and will remain as impact absorbent in in hot weather as it does in any other conditions. It also has the added advantage of being porous, so rain will soak through and the surface will dry up quickly. Grass surfaces, unlike wet pour, are not always able to handle very wet weather and the play area may remain waterlogged or muddy for several days after heavy rain. In terms of animals, alternative surfaces such as wet pour and rubber mulch are much less likely to attract them; and if pets do get into play areas, then the flat surface allows mess to be easily identified and removed.

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