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Outside Playground Flooring

Outside Playground Flooring

Outside Playground Flooring - Because First Impressions Count

Outside playground flooring will often be the first thing that prospective new parents and visitors see when they come to your school. The impression that your play area makes will colour the experience for the rest of their visit, and possibly even influence their overall opinion of your school.

Given this, it is important to make a good first impression and playground flooring can go a long way to achieving this. The right playground surfaces provide you with clean, safe and interesting environments for children to explore. The play surface should be flat and easily accessible to all. It should also be clear of debris; not only rubbish, but also standing water and mud. Achieving this with traditional surfaces such as concrete, bark and grass are very labour intensive. Hard floors need constant sweeping and repairing and concrete settles and cracks over time. Bark needs to be replenished and grass very easily turns into mud and is inaccessible during autumn and winter months. Replacing these surfaces with durable and porous wet pour rubber flooring is an ideal solution. It provides the safe, clean surface you require without the constant hard work. As well as safe, though, playground surfaces should be interesting and stimulating. This is near impossible to achieve on grass or bark. Concrete provides a paintable surface, but paint wears over time and needs to be redone to keep its appearance. One of the benefits of choosing rubber flooring that is installed by experienced surfacing contractors is that it is available in a range of colours which, once laid, need no further maintenance.

Make the right first impression with your outside playground flooring by choosing one of the options available at DCM Surfaces. Our experienced CSCS card holding installers will support you at every stage, ensuring that you get a playground that will be the envy of your borough. Learn more about us at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.