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Playground Flooring Outdoor

Playground Flooring Outdoor

Playground Flooring Outdoor – Areas That Are Accessible To All

Playground flooring outdoor options are an important part of making your school or nursery accessible to all. You will have put time and effort into ensuring that entrances, buildings and learning areas are all accessible, but what about your playground? What barriers to play exist and how can they be removed?

For children with additional needs, particularly those with sensory and mobility difficulties, playtime can be a lonely and even dangerous time of the school or nursery day. Assessing your playground and highlighting potential risks is essential if they are to have access to the same play opportunities as other pupils. It is important to look at your playground surface in particular from a child’s point of view. Is your current surface raised or uneven? Even the smallest bump in a surface can make playgrounds difficult to access for children with mobility issues. Uneven playground flooring is difficult to walk on and can be near impossible to run on without increased risk of falling and subsequent injury. Replacing your current surface with a rubber surfacing solution will smooth out the flooring and provide impact absorbance. This means that when falls do occur, the resulting injuries are much less severe. Does your play area become dirty quickly? Is there surface water, mud and debris? For a child with a sensory processing difficulty, these are potential barriers to play. Installation of wet pour flooring, or even rubber mulch, by professional surfacing contractors will increase water drainage and aid in keeping the area cleaner, even after adverse weather conditions.

Improving the accessibility of your play areas is easy and cost effective with DCM Surfaces. Our playground flooring outdoor solutions can be installed over the summer so there is no disruption to the running of your school or nursery. To get a quote today, call 01772 440340 or visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/.