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Playground Rubber Flooring

Playground Rubber Flooring

Playground Rubber Flooring – Create The Best Places For Play

Playground rubber flooring is the ideal surface for any place where children play. The versatility of this type of flooring means that it can be used in any number of situations, from school playgrounds to local authority run parks. But what exactly is it that makes rubber flooring perfect for play?

Firstly, rubber playground flooring makes play areas accessible to all. Its smooth finish means that play equipment can be accessed by those who are less mobile, including wheelchair users. For public playgrounds, it also means that parents with prams and pushchairs can access the play areas more easily. As well as improving accessibility, this type of flooring also improves safety. Its ability to absorb impacts reduces the risk of injury from falls from play equipment; and because it is not rough, any falls that do occur while running around are much less likely to result in grazes. It removes trip hazards and reduces the risk of slipping by removing the potential for the pooling of surface water. These benefits also mean that the play area can be safely accessed for more of the year, meaning more chances for children to play, make friends and stay active. Unlike traditional grassed play areas, there is no risk of mud and dirt being transferred into classrooms and homes, meaning less work in terms of cleaning up after playtime. The wide range of exciting colours, combined with the fact that rubber floors can be laid by surfacing contractors in a variety of patterns and shapes, also means that playgrounds are more inviting and more interesting places to be.

If you are a school, council or local authority looking to improve your play areas, then invest in playground rubber flooring from the experts at DCM Surfaces. Our staff are all fully qualified, certified and DBS approved. Examples of our work and lists of previous clients can be found on our website at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.