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Playground Safety Flooring

Playground Safety Flooring

Playground Safety Flooring Means Fun Times For Schools

Playground safety flooring is increasingly replacing traditional wood bark, concrete and gravel surfaces in public spaces. However, schools can be reluctant to make the change. Tight budgets and concerns over finding the right solution leave many with aged, dangerous and dull spaces. However, the benefits of safety flooring outweigh these concerns.

New playground flooring will give your school playground a new lease of life. By using wet pour, resin bound gravel or rubber mulch, you can create a space that is full of colour and shapes. By working with your installers, you can also create a floor that doubles as an outdoor learning space by adding numbers, letters and creative pictures to your flooring. As well as giving your pupils somewhere safe to play, you will spark their imaginations. If you have several playground areas, you can use the expertise of the surfacing contractors to create different play areas. You can even have one area set aside specifically for sports, with flooring that is especially designed for that purpose. New rubber mulch or wet pour flooring isn’t just about the look of the playground, though: it is also about the safety of children, staff and visitors. Creating level, smooth and moisture absorbent surfaces reduces the risk of accidents. This means less time spent in first aid for children who would rather be playing; less accident slips being sent home to parents; and all round, a happier, healthier and safer school environment. It also offers a greatly reduced risk of compensation claims for slips and trips on your grounds, which has got to be good for the school budget.

If one of your concerns is having contractors on your property during school hours, then you need DCM Surfaces. We will arrange to come in during the summer holidays and complete the work while school is shut. To start your new term with fantastic new playground safety flooring, visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/ today.