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Rubber Flooring for Playground

Rubber Flooring for Playground

Rubber Flooring For Playground – Minimise Maintenance While Maximising The Fun

Rubber flooring for playground areas is the perfect answer to reducing the amount of upkeep that is needed, while also improving the quality of the play area. There are numerous reasons why rubber flooring, especially wet pour flooring, should be top of your list. Here are some of the top ones.

Wet pour flooring is made from a rubber crumb and solvent free binder that creates a surface which absorbs impacts. This means that when laid to the correct depth, even falls from heights are cushioned, reducing the risk of injury. This type of rubber playground flooring is also porous, meaning that water drains away from the surface rather than creating slippery pools. As well as reducing the risk of slipping, it means that the play surfaces are cleaner and can be accessed sooner after rain. Happier children and fuller playgrounds are a great return on the investment you make in rubber flooring. In terms of financial outlay, your greatest return comes in the form of the money you save on maintenance costs. Once laid by qualified professional surfacing contractors, the surfacing requires little else to be done to it. Its durable nature means that it will last for years to come without degrading or causing tripping hazards. The same cannot be said of alternatives such as bark and wooden planking, which are both very much at the mercy of changing weather conditions. One further reason to consider wet pour rubber flooring is the amount of choice you have. Its ability to be poured into shapes, letters, numbers or patterns, combined with the wide availability of colours, provides a unique play experience.

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