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Best Playground Surface

Best Playground Surface

Best Playground Surface For Any Age

Best playground surface? Concern over safety in the playground does not stop as children get older. While the under 5s may be the most likely age group to suffer injury, older children can just as easily overstretch themselves, resulting in falls and trips that cause injuries.

While the same rubber surfacing, such as wet pour and rubber mulch, will just as easily keep an older child from injury as it will a younger child, attention needs to be paid to its appeal. Whether older and younger children share the same play area or have separate areas to play in, the challenge is the same. That is in creating surfaces that appeal to their different tastes and needs, while at the same time keeping them safe. This is one of the reasons why wet pour is one of the best playground surfaces. Wet pour is available in a wide range of colours and can be laid in numerous different patterns and pictures. This means it is entirely possible to design an underwater theme for your under-fives with your surfacing contractors, but also provide space for a chess board design for the young teens who use the space. Similarly, you can use a different colour wet pour to create an adventure trail that would appeal to all ages. The key to this is good knowledge of the children and families that use the play area. It is important to take the time to research their needs, like and dislikes before planning the aesthetics of your surfacing.

At DCM Surfaces, our 25 years’ experience of installing rubber play surfaces means we can provide you with the best playground surface for your specific target audience, no matter what their ages and tastes. Our team will work with you every step of the way to produce results that can’t be beaten. See examples of our previous work at http://dcmsurfaces.com/, then call 01772 440340 for a quote.