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Outdoor Play Area Surfaces

Outdoor Play Area Surfaces

Outdoor Play Area Surfaces That Spark The Imagination

Outdoor play area surfaces are not just about providing a safe and clean environment for playing. While this is important, play areas should be about exercising the imagination as much as the body. Choosing the right rubber playground surface can provide both a safe physical environment and a stimulating one.

One of the many benefits of rubber surfaces in children’s play areas is that they can be used to create designs, pictures and patterns that will stimulate the imagination. Both wet pour rubber surfaces and rubber mulch can be laid in different colours. This means that you can get creative with your playground surfaces, perhaps with something as simple as using two contrasting colours to create different paths between different areas of the playground, for instance. Alternatively, you can create board games, hopscotch grids or number lines on the floor. In larger play areas, wet pour rubber flooring can be used to create themes. A simple change to the surface could turn a basic climbing frame into a pirate ship, or a roundabout into a flying saucer. The benefits of creating imaginative play areas cannot be quantified financially, but a well-used park full of happy children and parents is more likely to be looked after by the local community. In turn, there is less likely to be vandalism; and when it does happen, it is more likely to be reported quickly. This means that the initial costs of having rubber play surfaces laid by expert surfacing contractors can be balanced by lower maintenance costs over the long term.

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