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Outdoor Play Surface

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Outdoor Play Surface – Five Key Elements To Look For

Outdoor play surface: if this is something you are looking at as part of a park renovation, then it is important that you know how to choose the best possible surface available for your requirements. There are a number of key elements to consider when choosing surfacing, and here are five of the most important.

Firstly, does the surfacing meet current Health and Safety Executive Standards? You need to consider not just the finished article, but also its composite materials. Details of standards and suppliers should be available on the company’s website. If you have any concerns however, the HSE or RoSPA should be your next port of call. Secondly, you need to consider the suitability of the material; will it work in your park? Can it be laid to the correct thickness for the climbing equipment? Is it suitable for moving equipment such as swings and roundabouts? The third element to consider is accessibility. Will it allow your park to be accessible to all? One of the benefits of wet pour rubber playground surfaces is that they create seamless, smooth and step free surfaces that are suitable for wheelchair access. The fourth consideration is durability. Will you need to re-lay the flooring within a couple of years? Will it need high levels of maintenance? These are problems for grass, sand and bark, but they are not issues with wet pour. Once laid by surfacing contractors, it will need little, if anything, done to it for years to come. Finally, you need to consider the weather. Will the surface still be useable in the winter? Will it be just as safe to use during the hotter days of summer?

A rubber outdoor play surface such as wet pour will meet all five of these key elements and many more. As well as being durable, it is impact absorbent and porous, making it the safest option by far all year around. To see what previous clients think of our work, visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/ today.