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Play Area Surfaces

Play Area Surfaces

Play Area Surfaces – Which Wins, Sand Or Wet Pour?

Play area surfaces are ideally designed to add to the aesthetic and safety of the children’s play area. There are a number of choices available when designing new, or renovating existing play areas. Much depends on the type of play equipment that is present and the budget of the authority or council that is in charge of the play area.

Two of the most common materials used for playground surfaces are sand and wet pour. Both have their advantages, with sand having by far the cheapest immediate cost. However, the disadvantages of sand must be taken into consideration before a decision is made. While sand is cheap to source and easy to lay, it is not practical for use in areas that having moving equipment. This includes the areas around roundabouts. The use of sand here would become dangerous as it could potentially become stuck in moving mechanisms. It could also get kicked up into the faces of children while the roundabout is being pushed, and the movement of feet would leave an uneven surface over a very short period of time. These are not problems that occur with wet pour. Once the mixture is expertly installed by surfacing contractors and allowed to dry, it does not suffer any movement. It provides a sturdy, durable and impact absorbent surface that is suitable for use around all play equipment. It has the additional benefit of being weather resistant and porous. This is unlike sand, which is easily moved by the wind and can become mud-like after heavy rain. The maintenance costs associated with sand far outweigh the initial cost of laying wet pour surfacing.

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