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Rubber for Playground Surface

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Rubber For Playground Surface – Why Choose Rubber?

Rubber for playground surface: this type of surfacing has become popular in playgrounds and parks across the country. There are various reasons why rubber is the material of choice, and prime among them is the safety aspect of its impact absorbency. However, there is much more than this to the material.

The two most recognised forms of rubber playground surfaces are rubber mulch and wet pour. Both provide a number of advantages over sand, bark and grass. Both are cleaner and less likely to lose their impact absorbency over time. They also have the added advantage of not being affected by changing weather conditions. Even in the heaviest rain, their construction means that surface water will drain away quickly, without leaving a muddy residue behind. If the choice is between wet pour and rubber mulch, then wet pour has several other advantages that should be considered. One of the main advantages is that it has a higher impact absorbency when laid to the correct depth. It is also the more suitable of the two for use in areas where there are undulations in the ground. Wet pour consists of rubber crumb and a binder. Once set, it creates a seamless surface that can be installed by surfacing contractors over existing flooring such as concrete. Wet pour provides a stable surface that is also easy to clean. At most, it needs to be swept or vacuumed free of debris that may decrease its impact absorption over time. If damage to the surfacing does occur, then it is also easily patched to provide a new, seamless finish.

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