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Rubber Play Surface

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Rubber Play Surface – What Is It All About?

Rubber play surface: if you have visited a newly built play park recently, then the chances are you will have come across some form of rubber play surfacing. This type of flooring is becoming more popular for very good reasons. Read on to find out more about rubber outdoor surfacing and why it should be in your local park.

Traditional playground surfacing has been made from concrete, or in some cases gravel. While these are extremely durable surfaces, they have no absorbency when it comes to impacts. This means that falls, particularly falls from heights, can lead to serious injuries. The roughness of the surface can also increase the risk of cuts and grazes after slips or trips. One set of alternatives used by many public parks has been grass, sand, or bark. These have greater impact absorbency and are often chosen because they are natural materials. However, they are high maintenance and are subject to changing weather conditions. Rubber playground surfaces such as wet pour, combine the durability of concrete with the absorbent abilities of bark and sand. They have the additional benefit of not being affected by changing weather conditions. This means that they are suitable for use throughout the year. Wet pour consists of a rubber crumb mixed with a solvent free binder. It can be installed by surfacing contractors to create a continuous, smooth finish. This makes the play area more accessible as well as safer. The depth of the rubber mixture can also be controlled, meaning that it can be set to provide the absorbency needed for each specific play environment.

If you need a rubber play surface that conforms to the highest possible safety standards, then you need DCM Surfaces. We have worked with public parks, schools and nurseries to provide safe and stimulating outdoor play environments for over 25 years. Learn more about our company at http://dcmsurfaces.com/ or call today on 01772 440340 for your personalised quote.