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Soft Playground Surface

Soft Playground Surface

Soft Playground Surface – Stop The Injuries, Not The Adventures

Soft playground surface options not only create a more pleasant playing environment, but also a much safer one. Children like to be able to explore to their limits and this often results in trips and falls. However, these types of accidents do not have to result in serious injury and worried parents when you take surfacing into consideration.

There is currently no legal requirement for you to use protective or soft surfacing in playgrounds. However, it has on many occasions been strongly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and RoSPA. One of the main reasons that protective playground surfaces including wet pour and rubber mulch are recommended is because they reduce the risk of severe injury following a fall. While severe head trauma is rare for the over fives, it can still happen. Any step that you can take to reduce the risk of injury is going to result in more relaxed parents who are more willing to let their children explore independently. The provision of suitable protective surfaces is also likely to be viewed positively should the worse happen and a claim for compensation is brought against you for an injury sustained while a child is in the playground. Just that one simple decision could save you a great deal of money and time while protecting your reputation. There are various surfaces that are considered as improving the safety of a playground. Among the best are rubber mulch and wet pour. While they may cost more than other solutions, they need little maintenance once installed by professional surfacing contractors.

If you run an existing children’s play area or are looking to renovate a disused area, then talk to DCM Surfaces before you go any further with your plans. Our experienced installers will guide you through every aspect of soft playground surface laying. We can be reached via email info@dcmsurfaces.com, by phone on 01772 440340 or through our website at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.