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Soft Pour Play Surfaces

Soft Pour Play Surfaces

Soft Pour Play Surfaces – Bringing Back The Adventure

Soft pour play surfaces mean that safety doesn’t have to mean the same as boring. Fear over injury has in the past meant that Councils, Local Authorities and Play Associations have erred very much on the side of caution with the play experiences that they have offered. This no longer needs to be the case.

By installing soft rubber playground surfaces to the correct depth, children can safely climb and explore beyond their limits. They can learn that falling and getting up again are part of life. They can develop new skills, try new things and create new games, without parents hovering over them for fear of what might happen. The use of soft pour or wet pour rubber flooring is also an opportunity for play providers to get creative. As well as traditional climbing frames, swings and roundabouts, the flooring itself can be used to stimulate play. As wet pour surfacing can be used on undulating ground, tunnels can be built, hills developed and flooring placed over the top. Children can use their bodies in a range of movements, even rolling down hills without the fear of encountering unwanted mess left by animals. When the work of the expert surfacing contractors is combined with both the plans of the play providers and the interests of the children, the possibilities are endless. If the children have a say in what happens in the places they play, they are also more likely to treat them with respect and look after them. This is as true of public parks as it is school playgrounds.

If you are looking to create a vibrant, adventure filled play area, then consider soft pour play surfaces from DCM Surfaces. Our range of options means that the right surface is there waiting for you. Visit our website at http://dcmsurfaces.com/ to learn more about soft pour rubber surfacing, then ring 01772 440340 for a quote, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more.