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Outdoor Rubber Playground Surface

Outdoor Rubber Playground Surface

Outdoor Rubber Playground Surface Ideas For Nurseries

Outdoor rubber playground surface ideas are not just limited to playgrounds that have high climbing frames, fast slides and speedy roundabouts. Smaller playgrounds with little or no climbing equipment can also benefit from installing wet pour rubber flooring. Find out how your nursery could benefit.

Nurseries are generally home to the under-fives. As anyone with children will tell you, this age group is amongst the most accident prone. They are also among those most likely to want to explore everything they find without necessarily being aware of the dangers. Rubber surfacing can benefit nursery gardens and playgrounds in several ways. Firstly, the soft wet pour surface provides impact absorbance, so the inevitable falls and trips are far less likely to end in injury. The smooth surface also means fewer grazes and cuts, so knees and elbows are safer from childhood scares. Installing wet pour surfacing leaves a seam-free, level surface. This is ideal for children learning to ride bikes, pushing prams or cars, or for those who are wheelchair users. The firm surface means they can concentrate on their movements rather than having to worry about hazards and bumps. By working with your surfacing contractors, you can also devise rubber flooring that doubles as a teaching aid. By adding letters and numbers, pictures, and even patterns, you can stimulate children’s desire to learn and their very keen imaginations. Finally, the porous nature of the wet pour flooring means that rain doesn’t ever have to stop play.

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