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Rubber Mulch Flooring

Rubber Mulch Flooring

Rubber Mulch Flooring – Understanding Its Potential

Rubber mulch flooring can be used in numerous settings, from retail shopping centres to schools and parks, to create outstanding outdoor environments. Understanding more about this surfacing can help you to realise its potential and the difference it can make to your outdoor space.

Rubber mulch surfacing is designed to provide an environmentally sound alternative to floorings such as bark. It is beneficial for use in areas where children play because it provides an impact absorbency similar to wet pour surfacing. However, it is important that it is laid to the right thickness for the critical fall height of any climbing equipment that is present. Another benefit of this type of rubber surfacing is that it does not degrade or rot. It therefore lasts for a long time, without the need for topping up or regular maintenance. This means that there is less maintenance cost and less time when the park or playground needs to be inaccessible to the children. One of the other uses for rubber mulch surfacing is in landscaping. The rubber material, when installed by surfacing contractors, provides all the benefits of other landscaping materials, but without the drawbacks. It is porous, allowing water and rain to drain away rather than pooling on the surface and causing slipping hazards. It also doesn’t attract animals, unlike other natural materials, meaning that there is less risk of animal mess that needs to be cleaned up. This makes the landscaping safer and cleaner; and ensures that the area always looks its best.

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