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Rubber Mulch Playground Surface

Rubber Mulch Playground Surface

Rubber Mulch Playground Surface – For Long Lasting Playgrounds

Rubber mulch playground surface is a quick and easy way to create a playground that will be long lasting and well used. Rubber mulch has a range of benefits over traditional playground surfacing. Read on to find out how it can help you keep your playground looking fresh for longer.

Keeping school grounds, including play areas, looking their best is important. A well cared for environment is more likely to instil a sense of pride in the children and adults who spend time in the school and its grounds. The surfacing used in the grounds and play areas plays an essential part in this, particularly as it is often the first thing that visitors to the school will see. Using rubber mulch as playground surfacing can help to achieve the well cared for look you want to achieve, and can maintain that look over the long term. Made from recycled rubber, the mulch can be used in the same way as wood mulch or bark, but does not suffer from the same drawbacks. Whereas wood mulch will deteriorate over time, rubber surfacing will not. It will stay in the same state as it was first laid. Unlike bark, it does not rot and is not affected by the weather. It doesn’t blow away in the wind, or risk being washed away in heavy rain. Combined with the fact that rubber mulch surfacing is porous, it will allow your playground to be used more frequently, even during the wetter winter months.

When laid by professional surfacing contractors such as DCM Surfaces, your rubber mulch playground surface can be ready to use in as little as four hours after installation. For examples of our work in school grounds with rubber mulch, visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/, where you will also find details of other projects and customer testimonials.