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Rubber Safety Flooring

Rubber Safety Flooring

Rubber Safety Flooring – Is It Right For You?

Rubber safety flooring comes in a variety of forms that all provide durability, porousness and impact absorbency. Its differing forms means that rubber flooring has several different uses and benefits. Read on to see if you could benefit from such flooring in your business or organisation.

To discover whether you could benefit from rubber surfacing, you need to ask yourself some simple questions. Firstly, do you have an outdoor area where children play? Safety flooring made from rubber provides the ideal surface for children’s play areas as it cushions falls and creates a cleaner place for them to explore. Do you want your outdoor areas to be accessible to all? By laying one of the many forms of rubber surfacing that are available, you can create smooth, slip resistant and seamless surfaces that are ideal for wheelchairs, prams, pushchairs and those who use walking aids. You can also create strong footpaths and cycle paths that remove trip hazards and open areas of woodland for those with mobility difficulties. Do you have areas for playing sports as part of your facility? Whether it is football, netball, hockey or basketball, safety flooring installed by surfacing contractors can open these areas up to more people, making them safer and more enjoyable places to play. The same is true for running tracks and tennis courts; these too can be made more accessible, and capable of being used all year around, regardless of the weather.

These are just a few examples of places that could benefit from rubber safety flooring supplied and installed by DCM Surfaces. We have worked on numerous projects over the past 25 years, providing better, safer and cleaner surfaces for all. To learn more and see the benefits for yourself, visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/ now, or call 01772 440340 and one of the team will be happy to help.