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Rubber Safety Surfacing

Rubber Safety Surfacing

Rubber Safety Surfacing – Keeping Mobility In Mind

Rubber safety surfacing isn’t just for playgrounds and sports courts. It is also something that should be considered for public pathways, cycleways and bridle paths. A simple change in materials could open large parts of the countryside to people who have previously been unable to access them.

Accessing the countryside, woodlands or moorlands can be tricky for those with mobility issues. Traditional footpaths can be uneven and full of tripping hazards. Similar problems are faced by those with buggies and young children, or who want to cycle to these uniquely beautiful places. Rubber surfacing can be used to reduce, and even remove, these barriers and safety risks. Surfaces such as flexi-base combine the safety aspects of rubber flooring with extra strength provided by the addition of natural stone. The combination is held together with a bonding agent that gives it its flexibility. The resulting surface is strong enough to withstand continual use and to even be used on bridleways. The surface retains the porous nature of other rubber surfaces, meaning that surface water drains away quickly, reducing the risk of pooling and the creation of slipping risks. It also retains its impact absorbent qualities, making walking on it easier for those with joint problems, and reducing the risk of serious injuries after falls. When laid by expert surfacing contractors, the flexi-base surface also reduces long term maintenance costs, providing excellent value for money. It also means that you can keep footpaths open all year around, reducing the necessity of closure for repair or because of adverse weather.

If you are responsible for grounds maintenance and footpaths in local woodlands or moorlands, then contact DCM Surfaces today to see how rubber safety surfacing can make your job easier. Details on our flexi-base as well as other safety surfacing options can be found at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.