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Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds

Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds

Rubber Surfacing For Playgrounds – Improving Usability

Rubber surfacing for playgrounds is the ideal solution to spaces that are underused either because of safety or cleanliness concerns. Replacing concrete and other traditional natural flooring materials can vastly improve the usability of any space; and playgrounds in schools, centres and parks are no different.

There are few sadder sights than that of an amazingly designed adventure playground standing empty and under-used. One of the main reasons why such playground equipment still finds itself surplus to requirements is the surfacing that surrounds it. If the same level of thought has not been put into the flooring, then parents’ concerns over safety and cleanliness will win over the desire to encourage children to play. The problem lies in the fact that, too often, concrete has been replaced by wood bark or sand. While these surfaces provide the impact absorbency that parents require, at least when they are freshly laid, they create a host of other problems. Neither bark or sand are particularly weather resistant. They become unusable in wet weather and are quickly displaced in the wind. This means that they lose their impact absorbency easily as well. Another problem that these flooring options face is that they tend to attract animals, and therefore animal mess. None of these are problems that are faced with rubber surfacing. Once installed by competent surfacing contractors, the rubber flooring provides a clean, safe surface that is usable throughout the year, and which will not attract animals.

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