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Artificial Sports Surfaces

Artificial Sports Surfaces

Artificial Sports Surfaces – Tips On Choosing The Right Surface

Artificial sports surfaces need to be chosen carefully to ensure that they meet the needs of the outdoor courts users. This involves ensuring that the surfacing is safe and suitable for the particular sports that are to be played on the courts. The surface also needs to be cost effective to both install and use over the long term.

Choosing the right synthetic sports surfacing, before contacting surfacing contractors, starts with knowing what sports will be played on the court. This is important as it will help to determine the stresses that will be placed on the synthetic sports surfaces that are used. For example, the stress of a basketball hitting the surface is different to that of a hockey puck. You also need to consider when the artificial surface will be used: will it be seasonal, or intended to be used throughout the year? This is important as it will determine whether you need artificial surfacing that is porous and able to deal with rain and changing weather conditions. Longevity and durability are also important considerations when making your decision. The more durable the surfacing, the more cost effective it is likely to be over the long term. However, durability needs to weighed against the needs of those using it in terms of their injury risk. You need artificial surfacing that provides the lowest possible risk of injury, and therefore has the greatest possible impact absorbency. The one type of artificial sports surface that can cover all these points is polymeric surfacing. It is specifically designed for multi-use games areas. This means that, regardless of the sport being played on the pitch, it will meet its requirements and the safety needs of those involved in the game.

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