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Basketball Court Surfaces

Basketball Court Surfaces

Basketball Court Surfaces – What To Look For

Basketball court surfaces need to be fit for purpose if they are going to be used regularly rather than being left vacant. Choosing the right surface for your basketball court involves considering several different factors. Read on to discover more about these factors and how to source the surfacing you need.

The standard outdoor basketball court needs to be 26m by 15m; however, in many playgrounds and parks, basketball courts are part of multi-use games areas. Given this, one of the first things you need to consider when choosing a surface is to ensure that it can be painted or otherwise marked to indicate the dimensions and layout of the court. Another aspect that needs consideration is adequate drainage. If the surface that is installed does not allow rain and other water sources to drain away, the playing surface will be unusable for extended periods of time. It may also suffer from damage due to the standing water. This will affect its longevity and increase your costs. Waterlogging and flooding are easily prevented by installing porous sports surfaces. These allow the water to drain away without additional work being required. The safety and comfort of those taking part in the sport also needs to be considered. The surface should be firm, non-slip and provide a suitable level of impact absorbency. Surfaces developed from a mix of rubber crumb and bonding agent are ideal for meeting this need. When laid by experienced surfacing contractors, this type of artificial flooring will provide a useful surface for years to come.

At DCM Surfaces, we have the skills, experience and basketball court surfaces you require to meet the needs of your local community. Our full range of options can be viewed at http://dcmsurfaces.com/, for a personalised quote; or to discuss your facility, call us on 01772 440340.