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Muga Surface

Muga Surface

MUGA Surface Conditions For Multiple Sports

MUGA surface conditions need to take a wide range of sports into consideration. MUGAs or multi-use games areas can be used for anything from football, to netball, basketball and hockey. It is important that the surfacing used in these areas is suitable for these and other sports uses.

When designing a MUGA, the most important aspect to consider is safety. The surfacing that is used needs to provide adequate impact absorbency for the types of movements that it will regularly experience. This is going to involve anything from running and jumping to dealing with the impacts of collisions between players. Another safety consideration revolves around its ability to be used in wet, or at least damp, conditions without increasing the risk of slipping. To ensure that the sports themselves can be played fairly, the surface also needs to be flat, stable and properly marked out for each sport. Failure in any of these areas will lead to the MUGA being unusable and a waste of money. The best way to ensure that the sports surfaces needs are met is to invest in polymeric surfacing. This type of sports surfacing offers the required safety aspects without compromising on the requirements of the individual sports. It achieves this through its blend of rubber and bonding agent. The result is similar to that found in playgrounds and parks, but it is adapted for sport by surfacing contractors laying a thinner, top rubber layer. This creates a firmer playing surface, without compromising on safety.

If you want to learn more about how a polymeric MUGA surface could work for your organisation or sports club, then visit http://dcmsurfaces.com/. Alternatively, give one of our team at DCM Surfaces a call on 01772 440340 to discuss your specific needs and to get a personalised quote for your grounds.