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Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces That Encourage Participation

Outdoor basketball court surfaces play a vital role in encouraging people to participate in the sport. A poorly maintained surface or one that is old, cracked and dangerous is highly unlikely to draw people to it. Help your community stay fit by installing the right surface in your outdoor basketball court.

Team sports such as basketball, football and hockey can play a crucial role in helping people to stay fit and in building community spirit. If the pitches that they have access to are of poor quality, then encouraging participation in sports is made more difficult. Simply resurfacing your existing courts with polymeric surfacing could be the answer you have been looking for. Polymeric sports surfaces provide the safe and clean environment that teams require to play sports and have fun. The mixture of rubber crumb and binding agent provides an impact absorbing surface that helps prevent accidents and makes participation safer for all ages and abilities. The smooth finish also means that those with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users can also benefit from the sports pitches. The finished surface is also sprayed with an anti-slip coating that, combined with the porous nature of the material, means that the surface can be used all year around. Maintenance of the surface is minimal once it has been installed by trained surfacing contractors. It will need to be kept free of debris that blows onto the court, but this is simply achieved by regular sweeping or using a leaf blower.

To improve the uptake of outdoor sporting activities in your community, invest in the perfect outdoor basketball court surfaces from DCM Surfaces. Our polymeric surfacing is ideal for basketball courts and multi-use games areas. You can see the full range of superb outdoor surfaces that we offer and install across the UK at http://dcmsurfaces.com/.