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Outdoor Tennis Court Surfaces

Outdoor Tennis Court Surfaces

Outdoor Tennis Court Surfaces – Signs They Need Resurfacing

Outdoor tennis court surfaces can range from concrete to asphalt and artificial grass. Each of these has its benefits, but all will eventually need replacing with a more durable and safer sports surface. The question is, how do you know when it is time to start considering resurfacing your outdoor tennis court?

One of the first signs that an outdoor tennis court is ready for resurfacing is going to be a drop in the number of people using the court. If the court’s surface is no longer providing a quality playing surface, then people will stop using it. Another sign that it is time for outdoor tennis and other sports surfaces to be resurfaced is a build-up of water on the ground. This is an indication that the drainage systems are not working. Potentially, this could be either because small particles of dirt are reducing the porousness of the surfacing material, or because larger debris is blocking drainage channels. Either way, once surface water is present, damage begins to occur to the court’s surface. Even concrete can suffer water damage over time, with cracks beginning to appear and the surface becoming less stable. At the first sign of this type of damage, resurfacing should be considered as essential maintenance. Allowing people to continue to play on a damaged court or other sports surface could lead to injuries and claims against your insurance. When considering resurfacing, the best course of action is to hire professional surfacing contractors who can talk you through the best available options.

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