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Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost

Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost

Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost – Make The Most Of Your Budget

Tennis court resurfacing cost calculations are important regardless of whether you are looking at resurfacing a court in a park, community centre or sports centre. Understanding the best way to spend the budget you have starts by knowing what is available and what gives you the best return over the long term.

Outdoor tennis courts are generally surfaced with concrete, asphalt or a rubber and binder mix. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The main benefit of concrete sports surfaces is their longevity and durability. Concrete is almost indestructible under normal use and will need little in the way of upkeep. However, concrete tennis court surfaces provide no impact absorbency. It also has poor drainage capabilities, meaning that during the wetter months, it is likely to be unusable for long periods. Concrete can also become slippery in damp conditions, again limiting its usefulness. Asphalt provides more impact absorbency than concrete, but it does not have its durability. Asphalt can also be damaged by continual use; and will need seasonal maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good condition. To gain the benefits of durability, low maintenance and impact absorbance, the resurfacing material of choice should be polymeric surfacing. This mix of rubber and binder creates porous, impact absorbing and firm surfaces for any sport; and once sprayed with an anti-slip coating, allows play to continue all year around. An additional benefit of using polymeric surfaces is that, like wet pour, they can be installed by surfacing contractors on top of almost any existing flat surface.

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