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Tennis Playing Surfaces

Tennis Playing Surfaces

Tennis Playing Surfaces – The Best Hardcourt Surface

Tennis playing surfaces are generally divided into three types: clay, grass and hardcourt surfaces. The first two are self-explanatory, but the third can mean a myriad of things and refer to a number of different playing surfaces. How do you decide which of these surfaces is the best hardcourt surface?

The most well-known hardcourt surfaces in tennis are those associated with the Australian and U. S. Opens. The hardcourt surface provides the fast paced, powerful, short rallies that these matches are known for and which professional tennis players expect. However, the aging concrete court at the back of the local park, or the slightly more modern asphalt one, are also examples of hardcourt surfaces. These are the ones that the majority of non-professional tennis players are most familiar with. However, it is possible for the average player to experience conditions that the professionals take for granted. This can be achieved through the use of polymeric surfacing in tennis courts. The main advantage that this surfacing has over concrete is its impact absorbent qualities. This means that the moving and twisting actions of the players are less likely to result in jolts to the joints and to serious injuries. The non-slip coating that is added to these sports surfaces also means that matches can continue even when the weather is not exactly at its best. Polymeric hardcourt surfaces can be installed by surfacing contractors almost anywhere, including on top of existing concrete courts.

If you want to give your local community the chance to experience playing conditions similar to those of a pro tennis player, then invest in rubber tennis playing surfaces installed by DCM Surfaces. As you will see at http://dcmsurfaces.com/, we have worked on numerous projects across the country to improve existing tennis courts and other outdoor sports facilities. Will yours be next?