Safety Surfacing at Home in the Garden
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Safety Surfacing at Home in the Garden

Safety Surfacing at Home in the Garden

Whilst many schools, nurseries, councils and other owners of public places go out their way to minimise injury from slips, trips and falls on playgrounds and playground equipment through the installation of safety surfacing many people do not install them within their own homes and gardens.

Whys should it be that we protect our children whilst at school or nursery but not when they return home?

Recently we have seen a rise in the number of safety surfaces which are installed within people’s back gardens. Nowadays children have access to a wide range of toys and equipment and whilst it all is safe, extra precautions could be taken in the event of an accident in order to minimise injury to the child.

Safety surfacing can be placed underneath swing sets, around the sides of sandpits and pools, underneath climbing frames and even used for surrounding tree houses. Having a safety surface installed means that potential injury to your child is minimised and you can have real peace of mind.

We protect our children so heavily when they are at school, nursery and attending other playgrounds so why not when they are at home too!

Our wet pour safety surfacing is available in a wide range of colours as well as a standard black and 50/50 colour mixes. We also offer our wet pour in three specialised colour mixes with the options to add in designs as well.

You and your children can really make your safety surfacing at home something special! Speak to DCM Surfaces today and start transforming your back garden surface!