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Resin Bonded Gravel

Resin Bonded Gravel: A Natural Looking Fixed Gravel Surface for Driveways, Pathways & Car Parks


An attractive, hard wearing surface achieved by bonding  loose natural stone aggregate to macadam or concrete.  Giving the natural textured appearance of loose gravel without the many maintenance problems as it does not move, migrate or wash away.

The bonded surface is hard wearing, resilient and textured providing a good anti skid surface. A wide range of natural aggregates are available, making it ideal for, landscaping schemes, parks, paths, driveways, rural roads and visitor attractions.

DCM Surfaces are specialists at installing bonded gravel surfaces for a full range of applications.

Quite often resin bonded gravel is confused with bound gravel but it is important to note that they are very different although some companies wrongly pass them off as the same product.

Bonded gravel is installed very differently in application to a surface than the application of resin bound gravel in that the resin is applied to the surface and spread out evenly using a roller, gravel is then scattered over the top of the resin to ensure complete coverage without any gaps.

Within the industry the resin bonded gravel surfacing is sometimes referred to as a scatter system simply because of the way in which it applied, “scattered” onto the resin. Once the resin has cured the remaining loose stones are then removed; this provides a more textured look with the appearance of loose gravel even though you do not have the problem of it washing away because it remains fixed to the surface by the resin.

As with the installation of any surface we would always need to inspect a site prior to the bonded gravel being laid to ensure its existing surface layer is suitable. For any surface which we deem unsuitable our expert team can excavate and prep the site so that once the resin bonded gravel is applied the finished result will be perfect.

Resin bonded gravel surfacing is non-porous which means that it will not allow any water or liquid to pass through. If you want a more textured look with the appearance of loose gravel then it is resin bounded gravel surfaces that you need to be looking at although do bear in mind that it doesn’t allow for water to pass through so drainage will need to be given careful consideration.

A popular choice for many we have a full range of bonded gravel available in various colours and styles and so there really is something for everyone. If you’re not sure whether bonded gravel would be suitable for your application or if you require any further information then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to help.

*Samples are available on request