The Increasing Popularity of Artificial Grass Installation
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The Increasing Popularity of Artificial Grass Installation

The Increasing Popularity of Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass – stiff, ugly and an unconvincing substitute when compared with the real thing or is it? This statement could have been very true around ten years ago when no one would admit to artificial grass installation but now it is growing in popularity and gaining more respect within many UK Homes.

A milestone in the artificial grass industry occurred this year when it made its debut at the Chelsea Flower Show after being used to line a shed roof due to it still being banned in the show gardens.

Today, artificial turf is more popular than ever probably because of the vast improvement which has been made in terms of quality, colour and similarity to real grass!

When artificial turf installation is carried out professionally and effectively then you can have the luscious lawn you have always dreamed of all year round! You can take full advantage of minimal maintenance as there is no need for mowing, spiking, feeding or watering.

All that is simply required is the occasional brush of your artificial turf and a regular hose down which will remove any dirt and leaves which have fallen onto the surface.

Artificial grass installation is a must for many who own a shady garden where normal grass simply wouldn’t grow. It is also popular when used on roof terraces and balconies to create the illusion of a rooftop garden.

For families who have young children who are active and love being outdoors playing in the garden then artificial grass is ideal because even if it is being used non-stop it has the ability to grow instead of having permanent mud patches where the grass has been worn.

Artificial grass is now available in a full range of styles and colours so there really is something to suit all tastes and for all purposes. Speak to a professional artificial turf installer and get the lawn of your dreams.