The International Anti-Poaching Foundation
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The International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation

This particular charity works across much of Africa and strongly believes in wildlife conservation through direct action, they try and find out about any poaching operations in order to prevent these and catch the criminals behind them.

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation also trains rangers so they are fully prepared and can deal with poachers directly. The charity holds a wildlife crime database and various information systems which makes it easier to bring perpetrators to justice.

They setup specialised technology and various other systems on the ground which can deter poachers and also stop any poaching operations completely. IAPF fund vital field equipment procurement and supply.

Unfortunately modern-day poachers have evolved and routinely kill high-target species such as elephants, rhinos and gorillas. On some occasions the rangers who work on the ground protecting these animals actually die doing so when more often than not they are caught in the cross-fire.

The IAPF partners with a number of various groups and people who specialise in community engagement and development. Part of their role is to instigate change and to continue research and development.

Anti-poaching protects community assets, creates jobs, promotes training and education and reduces habitat destruction.
DCM Surfaces are doing our bit to prevent poachers from killing off and making extinct some of the most beautiful animals to walk on this earth. It’s vital that their work continues and they can only do this through support from us and others too!