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The Use Of Grass Mats

The Use Of Grass Mats

Grass mats provide a safe surface for use within play areas whilst promoting natural grass growth; available in tiles the grass mat will mould to the shape of the ground beneath it and so can be placed onto contoured sites and slopes.

How do Grass Mats Work?

The grass mat is installed and pinned down and then grass seed is sewn over the top; grass growth is then promoted through the surface and in a few weeks after successful growth the area where the mat was laid will blend into the rest of the grass.

This creates a greener yet safer area for play and once the grass has been established it can be mowed without causing any damage to the grass mat surfacing.

What is the Grass Mat Recommended For?

Usually grass mats are installed in areas where there will be heavy wear so places such as the bottom of slides, underneath roundabouts and swings. Usually it is quite common for grass growth in such places to be restricted without the use of a grass mat.

Normally grass can be work away to leave muddy puddles and dusty, bare areas but the grass mats can help to prevent this from occuring. As the mats are tightly secured and interlocked together there is no possibility of them becoming loose and presenting a hazard.

They create a much greener space and can blend in with the rest of the environment around if it is a field or grassy area but what is important is that the surface is much safer for the children to play on should an accident occur.

Whilst grass mats can provide a critical fall height of around 2.9m depending on soil type, moisture levels and grass growth it is not the safety surface which we would most recommend for use in playgrounds unless directly specified.

Our Recommendation

Grass mats are widely used for playgrounds and we can install these if required but we would strongly recommend that the wetpour safety surfacing is installed instead.

If you are thinking about grass mat installation then speak to our professional team here at DCM Surfaces who can give you the best recommendation and ensure that your playground is a fun yet safe environment for children to play, grow and develop.